EPDM Rubber Flat Roof, Façade and Building Solutions from Carlisle CM Europe

Waterproof EPDM solutions for flat roofs, façades and buildings

Whether it be a roof terrace, living roof or stylish façade, waterproofing of buildings or a garden pond – EPDM products from CARLISLE® CM Europe are as diverse as your construction projects. Our five brands RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, HARDCAST® and ECOLAN® incorporate more than 50 years of experience and passion for innovative materials. With CCM Europe, you can rely on successful connections – and on water-tight solutions!

A complete waterproofing solution for your entire building

Whether it be high up on a flat roof or down in an underground garage, our EPDM products and sealants offer a wide range of applications. Let us inspire you!

Advantages of our EPDM roof sheeting

  • Advantages of our EPDM roof sheeting
  • Extremely long-lasting (certified service life of over 50 years according to SKZ)
  • Permanently elastic without softeners
  • Elongation at tear of over 500%, virtually shrink-free
  • Resistant to UV radiation, acid, alkali and weather
  • Root-resistant according to FLL and therefore also suitable for living roofs
  • Safe installation using hot air welding without any naked flames
  • No shattering
  • Sustainable (EPD-certified, DGNB-compliant)

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10 good reasons for CARLISLE® CM Europe

Garantiert beste Verbindungen 1 Long-lasting products A safe long-term investment: The Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ) certifies that EPDM has a service life of over 50 years. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 2 Easy, fast and secure installation One layer, many aspects: the fact that our EPDM products can be installed in a single layer and that our membranes are tailor-made means that they can be processed more quickly. Installation without any naked flames also minimises the risk of fire. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 3 Ecological credentials Less is more: our products are free of heavy metals, halogens and highly volatile softeners and can be processed without releasing any harmful substances. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 4 Smart accessories range Everything under one roof: our accessories range comprises products for surface priming, adhesives, cleaning, drainage elements and tools. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 5 Comprehensive services We take our advice service personally: we can assist you with everything from the drafting of specifications to HTC, wind load and drainage calculations. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 6 Smooth collaboration Flat hierarchies: at CCM Europe, we employ streamlined processes and a partnership-style approach to cooperation since these guarantee smooth, rapid workflows. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 7 Practical further training Practical experience for practical situations: the CARLISLE® Academy teaches expertise that can be put into practice immediately by installers, dealers, architects and planners. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 8 Impressive references From Antarctica to Africa: CCM Europe boasts an array of successful projects all over the world that bear witness to EPDM’s reliability and creative possibilities. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 9 Long-established group of companies Tradition in the modern age: many of our European companies started out back in the 19th century as rubber works and are now established specialists in high-quality elastomer products. Garantiert beste Verbindungen 10 International presence Global networking: our strong European umbrella brand and the partnership with our US parent group of CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated safeguard our long-term success.


Professional training delivered by experts

While enhancing your skills at the CARLISLE® Academy, you will learn about our RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, HARDCAST® and ECOLAN® products. We will teach you the tried-and-tested benefits of EPDM solutions on and around roofs, façades and construction and offer you valuable tips for your daily business operations.

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