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CARLISLE® SURE-WELD® TPO: The sustainable, high-performance flat roofing system perfect for large projects.

SURE-WELD® TPO is a single-ply, heat-weldable thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane ideal for large commercial and industrial roofing projects. It is a sustainable choice, made with recycled materials and low VOC emissions.

SURE-WELD® TPO is durable, has already been proven on over 500 million m² buildings worldwide and is now available for architects, specifiers and contractors in the UK.


Be Sustainable. Be Sure. SURE-WELD® TPO Waterproofing System

SURE-WELD® TPO roof waterproofing membranes are high-quality, single-layer membranes that consist of thermoplastic, flexible polyolefins on either side of an internal reinforcement layer. Building owners can choose from different colours depending on the desired use and aesthetic preferences.

The SURE-WELD® TPO waterproofing system features the unique OCTAGUARD XT™ weather protection, making it the industry-leading waterproofing solution in this product segment and ideal for industrial roofs or other large areas.

The waterproofing membranes are exceptionally resistant to weathering and ageing; therefore, they have a particularly long service life. In addition, they withstand a variety of mechanical and chemical influences for decades and are manufactured according to an environmentally friendly formula.

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Benefits of SURE-WELD® TPO

Proven worldwide

  • CARLISLE® has over 20 years of experience with SURE-WELD® TPO.

  • More than 500 million m² installed worldwide and waterproofing roofs of factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, large retail outlets etc.

Sure-Weld® Materialaufbau

Durable with high strength

  • Unique formulation in CARLISLE® SURE-WELD® TPO: The OCTAGUARD XT™ weather protection is industry-leading and makes the material durable and flexible.

  • The combination of TPO and polyester fabric provides for high breaking and tearing strength and excellent puncture resistance.

  • High hail resistance: Class 4 according to UL 2218.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance against acids, bases and restaurant fumes.

  • Fire protection approvals: Fire class E and BRoof (t4)*.

  • Long service life = long-term investment security.

* As part of a system build-up.


  • For new construction and renovation.

  • Suitable for all lightweight roof substructures.

  • Bitumen-compatible – direct installation on old roofs made of bitumen/polymer bitumen and numerous plastic variants possible.

  • Root resistant – tested according to DIN EN 13948:2007 (FLL in testing) and therefore also suitable for all types of green roofs.

  • PV-ready – Due to its long service life, SURE-WELD® TPO is very well suited for permanent use under PV or solar installations and other technical structures.


Sustainable & Recyclable

  • Environmentally friendly and stable formula – No plasticisers, no halogens, no heavy metals.

  • Emission-free welding without smoke or odour.

  • Light grey reflective surface reduces the heating up of buildings and lowers the the energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

  • 100% recyclable.

Our SURE-WELD® TPO product portfolio

With our SURE-WELD® TPO products, you are equipped for all the challenges your projects present. Discover your possibilities for sustainable waterproofing with CARLISLE®!

SURE-WELD® TPO/FPO Abdichtungsbahn
SURE-WELD® TPO waterproofing membrane

Our roofing membrane is durable, flexible, and safe for flat roof installation, boasting outstanding properties:

• Long service life

• Extremely resistant to external influences

• Compatible with bitumen

• Root resistant according to DIN EN 13948:2007 (FLL in testing)

• PV-ready

These are offered in rolls of 20 m in length

• Colours: White and Grey

• Widths: 1.52 m or 1.1 m

• Thicknesses: 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm or 2.0 mm

SURE-WELD® TPO connecting membrane

Our connecting membranes are cut to size from the surface membranes, so they also have a highly tear-resistant, internal reinforcement made of polyester fabric. The cut-to-size pieces are used in the execution of connections and terminations as well as cover strips for fastening rails.

Available in rolls of 20 m in length

• Colours: White and Grey

• Widths: 0.25, 0.50 or 0.75 m

• Thicknesses: 1.5, 1.8 or 2.0 mm

SURE-WELD® TPO detail sheet

We have developed our detail sheet, especially for the execution of tricky details. The homogeneous TPO membrane without a carrier layer is highly flexible and therefore suitable for sealing penetrations of any kind.

Available in rolls of 15.2 m in length

• Colours: White and Grey

• Width: 0.6 m

• Thickness: 1.5 mm

SURE-WELD® – The right accessories for every application

SURE-WELD® TPO is a complete waterproofing system with an extensive range of accessories. Our wide range of system accessories includes everything you need to waterproof corners and edges, roof penetrations or for any specific installation requirements. All system components are compatible with our membranes and are aesthetically pleasing too.

Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Inside Corner
Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
Sure-Weld TPO Composite Sheet
SURE-WELD® TPO Composite Sheet
Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Contact Adhesive
Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Drop Outlet
Sure-Weld TPO Composite Sheet
SURE-WELD® TPO Fastening & Termination Bars
Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Lightening Protection Enclosure
Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Outside Corner
Sure-Weld TPO Rectangle Parapet Outlet
SURE-WELD® TPO Rectangle Parapet Outlet
Sure-Weld TPO Universal Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Universal Corner
Sure-Weld TPO Inside Corner
SURE-WELD® TPO Circular Parapet Outlet
Sure-Weld TPO Emergency overflow round
SURE-WELD® TPO Emergency Overflow Round

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Technical Data

Material properties Value
Total thickness1.5 mm -5% / +10%
Surface weight2.19 kg/m2 -5% / +10%
Standard delivery length per roll20 m -0/+5%
Width supplied1100 mm / 1520 mm (tolerances according to standard EN 13956)
Storage life10 m -0/+5 %
Stress from external fireB ROOF (t4)*
Fire behaviourClass E