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To make your building watertight, you need the right solution. Our RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes offer the leading solution for all requirements and stress criteria for flat roofs and buildings, ensuring the durability and cost-effectiveness of your project.

Robust hybrid single layer membrane

RESITRIX® is the only hybrid waterproofing membrane that combines the advantages of synthetic rubber / EPDM and high-quality polymer-modified bitumen. Thanks to the polymer bitumen layer on the underside, the material can be laid on almost any substrate and welded easily, quickly and safely with a hot-air gun without any open flame. The independent testing institute Süddeutsches Kunststoff Zentrum (SKZ) certifies that RESITRIX® has a service life of more than 50 years.

For every kind of flat roofs

There is a solution for all of the requirements and mechanical stress criteria relating to flat roofs and building waterproofing: our waterproof RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes. In a unique combination of materials, RESITRIX® unites the excellent properties of EPDM with the proven advantages of high-quality polymer-modified bitumen in a highly flexible, single-layer sealing membrane.

Fast and safe installation

Our RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes can also be easily and safely welded together with a hot-air gun without any open flames thus avoiding fire risk. The underside of the waterproofing membrane can be welded with hot air, so that you can freely choose the width of the connecting and finishing strips, thereby reducing material losses. A visual inspection is sufficient to check the hot-air welding: A clearly visible bead of bitumen indicates proper weld.


RESITRIX® Advantage

With our RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes, you can ensure the long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness of your projects. The following facts support this:


The independent testing institute Süddeutsches Kunststoff Zentrum (SKZ) certifies that RESITRIX® has a service life of over 50 years.

Completely UV-resistant and weatherproof

RESITRIX® Thanks to the EPDM top layer of the membrane, RESITRIX® is extremely resistant to UV and all types of weathering resists very large temperature fluctuations and, without any additional surface protection, undergoes almost no ageing processes.

Outstanding elasticity and flexibility

Permanently elastic and virtually shrink-free. RESITRIX® has an elasticity of over 500% and is flexible at low temperatures down to -40°C. No shattering effect.

No flames or fire

RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes are welded together using hot air so no need for any naked flames on the roof. RESITRIX® product range has been certified FM Approval.

Root resistant

RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond is self-adhesive and root-resistant across the full surface can be welded using hot air. It is suited to all types of green roofs.

Environmentally responsible

EPD-certified, DGNB-compliant, Green Label certificate Singapore, (Nibe) rates RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes as one of the best products for use on flat roofs in terms of benefit to the environment and health, as no harmful chemicals released in the eco systems


Best solution for waterproofing flat roofs: RESITRIX® EPDM membranes

Flat roofs are commonly used in commercial developments such as schools, housing blocks, warehouses and other industrial units. Design and installation of the waterproofing system is an important consideration for architects and contractors and this is where RESITRIX® can offer peace of mind with the class-leading quality and the technical support.

Green roofing systems

RESITRIX® SK W is fully self-adhesive, hot air-weldable and also root-resistant according to FLL standards and DIN EN 13948. The membrane is compatible with every green roof structure such as modular, intensive and extensive roof


Specifying RESITRIX®

RESITRIX® are heat-weldable and glass-reinforced, composite rubber membranes with an EPDM core. The underside is fully coated with self-adhesive polymer-modified bitumen, with a release film. We offer design and technical support to add RESITRIX® to your specification.

Extensive product accessories for any project

Each flat roof is different: they have their own corners and edges, details, drainage and special installation requirements or design requirements etc. For precisely this reason we have a range of comprehensive accessories compatible with the system.



For more than 35 years, the RESITRIX ®product range has provided permanently reliable systems for waterproofing roofs, walkable surfaces, components that touch the ground, interiors, containers and façades, for both new builds and renovations.


Expansion joint sealing strip

RESIFLEX® SK is a self-adhesive, expansion joint sealing strip based on EPDM synthetic rubber and contains integral glass-fibre reinforcement in the outer edge areas. The underside is equipped with a self-adhesive, polymer-modified bitumen layer, protected by a detachable release film.


Primers and Accessories

From the surface primer to the installation tools – here you will find everything you need to optimally implement your tailor-made solution.

Installing RESITRIX®

Watch the RESITRIX® installation video to asses how it can be used in your project.

In our service portal, we have provided you with detailed installation instructions for free download.

In addition, we offer product training and CPDs on flat roofs and building waterproofing, among other things.

As a reliable, competent and motivated partner, we are also personally available to you at any time to respond specifically to your wishes and requirements and to implement tailor-made solutions.