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Welcome to CARLISLE® Construction Materials (CCM) Europe - discover sustainable, innovative, industry-leading waterproofing and sealing solutions for flat roofs, facades, and buildings.

You can learn about us, our waterproofing solutions, our manufacturing heritage, what makes us tick and how we can support you in your projects.

Welcome to CARLISLE® CM Europe


Are you an architect, designer, specifier, roofing or building contractor or distributor looking for a sustainable and durable solution with proven and certified results? CARLISLE® CM Europe can bring you roofing and facade systems for fast and easy installation. Our in-house R&D and technical teams can support your project with a perfect solution to realise your design.

In a world where everything above and below our roofs is changing, you can rely on our CARLISLE and we are here to help you!

Let's build a better tomorrow

It all started with EPDM. For more than 50 years, we have continuously developed and improved the RESITRIX® and HERTALAN® EPDM waterproofing systems for our customers in our European companies. Due to the great success of these products - even in a market like Germany, which is dominated by bitumen - our European production companies came to the attention of the globally active mixing group CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated. As part of its growth strategy in Europe, Carlisle bought the companies and brought them together under the umbrella of the CARLISLE® CM Europe Group. In the meantime, we have become Europe's leading EPDM manufacturer.

In order to be able to offer our customers further attractive product solutions from a single source, we have since added other construction materials to our portfolio. In the USA, so many customers already rely on CARLISLE® that the company has become one of the largest suppliers to the American building materials industry. The core business both there and here in Europe remains EPDM production, but today we are regarded as an all-rounder that can offer its customers high-quality and extremely efficient waterproofing systems for roofs, buildings and facades. From our RESITRIX®, HERTALAN® and SURE-WELD® plastic waterproofing systems, our ALUTRIX® vapor barrier membranes, our LIQUISEAL liquid plastic system and our SAFETY SYSTEM for fall protection, you can choose the materials that are optimally suited to your application.

Modern products with over 100 years of history

CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated

CARLISLE® Companies is a highly diversified company with subsidiaries in various industries and different value chains. In addition to a wide range of high-quality roofing and insulation materials for the commercial and residential building materials markets, the Group develops, manufactures and markets a variety of other products for the aerospace, medical, transportation and industrial sectors. With a global team of approximately 14,000 employees, CARLISLE® Companies Inc. achieved sales of $6.6 billion in 2022.

CARLISLE® Construction Materials (CCM)
For half a century, CARLISLE® Companies has been the recognized leader in the roofing industry. Accordingly, the Building Materials Division is the Group's largest segment by sales. CCM's portfolio includes high-performance single-ply roofing membranes, insulation materials technical metal roofing and panel systems.
CARLISLE® Weatherproofing Technologies (CWT)
CWT is a leading provider of steam and air barrier systems for the entire building envelope. The products promote energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial and residential applications.
CARLISLE® Interconnect Technologies (CIT)
CIT develops and manufactures high-performance wires and fiber optic cables including optical fibers as well as sensors, connectors and complex cable assemblies. The range includes both turnkey and customized solutions for the aerospace, medical technology and industrial application areas.
CARLISLE® Fluid Technologies (CFT)
CFT offers its customers industry-leading and sustainable solutions for the supply, control, application and curing of a wide range of paints, powders, sealants, adhesives and foams. Products are used in transportation and industry, wood processing and automotive finishing, among others.

Our promise to you

We will help you to make your work easier and save time. With our waterproofing and sealing solutions and systems, you receive design, technical and sales support to make your building water and airtight.

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