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Alutrix 600 is a self-adhesive vapour barrier membrane designed for use in a wide range of construction applications. 

The membranes are suitable for use beneath mechanically fixed single-ply roofing membranes, self-adhesive membranes, felt, asphalt, liquid waterproofing systems, profiled metal sheeting and standing seam systems.

Alutrix 600

Alutrix 600 Vapour Barriers

Alutrix 600 vapour barriers can be walked on and are puncture-resistant, with a high tensile strength, which makes them ideal for profile steel sheets.

These highly effective vapour barriers consist of a reinforced aluminium composite that’s self-adhesive on the reverse and protected by a detachable film. Alutrix 600 membranes are self-adhesive and are therefore incredibly quick and easy to install, as well as being compatible with most materials.

In addition to the vapour barrier function (sd value > 1,500), Alutrix membranes also form an air-tight layer in line with Energy Saving Regulations.

Alutrix 600 has been developed to meet the special challenges encountered on profiled steel sheets. They have a higher than average tensile strength and can therefore be walked and stepped on.

The Benefits of Alutrix 600

The Alutrix 600 carries a range of benefits including;

  • Cold self-adhesive

  • Impervious to vapour

  • Can be walked on and are puncture-resistant

  • Resistant to a range of chemicals

  • Can be bonded from just +5ºC

  • Complies with the requirements for Class 0

In addition to the Alutrix 600 vapour barrier’s function, they also form an airtight layer in line with Energy Saving Regulations.

Alutrix vapour barrier membranes can be easily used on structures that are exposed to high levels of stress due to humidity, such as inside breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens or bathrooms.

ALUTRIX® Vapour Barrier Accessories


FG 35 Surface Primer

Used in combination with ALUTRIX® 600 and ALUTRIX® FR on a variety of substrates, including on bituminous materials, timber and timber materials.


G 500 cleaner

Suitable for degreasing metallic substrates and can be used for cleaning lightly soiled surfaces of ALUTRIX® vapour barrier membranes.

Technical Data

Material propertiesValue
Thickness0.6 mm
Weight Approx. 700 g/m2
Roll length 40 m
Roll width 1.08 m
Rolls per pallet 20 rolls
Fire classification acc to BS476 PART6Class 0
Fire behaviour acc. to DIN EN 13501-1Class E