Effective installation practices for flat roofing systems are critical for ensuring the longevity and durability of the roof. Our team of expert trainers shares the industry-leading installation practices for a cost-effective and efficient installation of flat roofing systems including EPDM, TPO and Liquid Waterproofing. Training delivered by the professionals for the professionals.


Product Training Overview


RESITRIX® Training

RESITRIX® is the only waterproofing membrane to combine the material advantages of the synthetic rubber EPDM with high-quality, polymer-modified bitumen. Our specialist training will allow you to master the skill of installing RESITRIX® in diverse projects with efficiency and ease.



ARBOFLEX® PU is a single-component liquid made from pure polyurethane. This product training covers a fast and efficient way to install the product.


HERTALAN® Training

The training on HERTALAN® EPDM single-layer membranes includes instruction on sealants and detailing. This certified one-day course covers all aspects of using our HERTALAN® EPDM system.

Class leading specialist training

Product Training delivered by the professionals

At CARLISLE® ACADEMY our team of expert trainers shares the product's technical knowledge, industry standard and best practices in installation and cost-effective practices. Our training also covers the legal and UK regulations to help plan your projects.

Based on your capabilities and skills there are Level 1 and Level 2 courses available.

We also offer CPDs for architects, specifiers and designers.