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Here at Carlisle, we have a number of residential flat roof solutions available for you, all with different benefits to suit your needs.

Residential Flat Roof

Residential Flat Roof Materials

When deciding what material to use for your new build residential flat roof, it’s important to know what solutions are available and what would work best for what you need.

We’ve put together the benefits for the solutions we offer below, with a link to the specific pages further down.

New Build Residential Flat Roof


EPDM membranes are a great option for a new build residential flat roof as they are a highly durable synthetic rubber with a life expectancy of over 50 years.

They are simple to install, even on a large residential flat roof, and are very low maintenance to keep clean and looking good.

RESITRIX and HERTALAN offer a range of EPDM products available.

Residential Flat Roof Refurbishment

Liquid Waterproofing

ARBOFLEX® PU is a pure polyurethane single-component liquid, which once cured forms a seamless elastic membrane. The material properties of ARBOFLEX PU enable it to be airtight and waterproof on a range of substrates. As the system can adapt to any surface such as uneven, curved or irregular surfacesTPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a single-ply, white membrane commonly used in commercial and residential roofing.