History of CARLISLE® CM Europe

From rubber shoes to high-tech sheeting: as Europe’s leading manufacturer of EPDM sheeting and membrane systems, CARLISLE® CM Europe has a long history behind it. Many of our European companies started out back in the 19th century as rubber works – and are now specialists in high-quality elastomer products. CCM Europe is part of the stock exchange-listed CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated Group based in the USA and employs more than 350 people in Europe.

Four companies, one goal

The strengths of our European companies are brought together under the roof of CCM Europe. Our group comprises the following companies:

  • CARLISLE® Construction Materials GmbH (formerly PHOENIX Dichtungstechnik GmbH)
  • CARLISLE® Construction Materials B.V. (formerly Hertalan Rubber Products B.V.)
  • CARLISLE® Construction Materials Ltd. (formerly PDT Sealing Systems and Hertalan Ltd.)
  • CARLISLE® Hardcast Europe B.V.

Strong companies grow together

CCM Europe’s European companies have always been skilled at spotting new market opportunities. It all began in 1856 with the production of simple rubber shoes for the Hamburg market. A number of spin-offs, name changes and 156 years later, PHOENIX Dichtungstechnik GmbH (PDT), HERTALAN® Rubber Products B.V. and HARDCAST® had merged to form the CARLISLE® CM Europe Group. And with the spirit of an SME sector company and an international outlook, the group continues on its path to growth.


Dry feet through Hamburg

On a small plot of industrial land in Hamburg-Harburg, brothers Albert and Louis Cohen founded a factory manufacturing rubber shoes and vulcanised rubber. And so begins a company history full of twists and turns.


Rubber puts to sea

In Rotterdam, Alexander Hertel founds Hertel B.V. and manufactures rubber sealing products for shipping.


CARLISLE® “burns rubber”

The CARLISLE® Tire and Rubber Company is founded in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. To begin with, the company manufactures bicycle and car tyre inner tubes.


The PHOENIX hatches

The company is renamed “Harburger Gummiwaren-Fabrik PHOENIX A.G.”.


Synthesis for the future

During the Second World War, Japan cuts off access to the natural rubber plantations in South East Asia, forcing rubber processing companies to find new sources. In December 1945, CARLISLE® launches tube production using synthetic rubber.


A good position in Kampen

Hertel continues to grow: in 1961, the opening of a new rubber factory lays the foundations for the site in Kampen.


Nobel Prize for EPDM

German chemist Karl Ziegler and the Italian Giulo Natta are awarded the Nobel Prize for the industrial EPDM production process.


A successful experiment

Hertel develops its first roof sealing sheet from butyl rubber.


A brand in the starting blocks

In collaboration with DSM, the first European EPDM waterproofing membrane is developed - and the new HERTALAN® brand is born. The brand name is made up of the words “Hertel” and “Keltan” (a DSM brand).


Success arrives

CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated expands its development and production of rubber roof sealing products. The CARLISLE® Construction Materials division is born.


Clear the stage for RESITRIX®

The RESITRIX® brand, a unique combination of EPDM and bitumen, is successfully launched onto the market.


Welcome to the team!

CARLISLE® buys the Dutch company HARDCAST® based in Weesp.


With good reason

Within the Phoenix AG group, Phoenix Dichtungstechnik GmbH (PDT) is founded which manufactures not only roof sealing products but also profiles and rubberised materials.


A year for decisions

PHOENIX AG is bought by Continental AG and merged in 2007 with ContiTech AG.


Something new in the East

A new production plant for HERTALAN® roof sheeting and accessories opens in Romania.


HERTALAN® takes a new direction

Following a management buy-out, the roof sealing division is spun off from the Hertel Group and established as an independent company, HERTALAN® Rubber Products B.V. The company continues its passion for EPDM.


Management buys in

The roof sealing division of PDT is separated from the Continental Group by a management buy-out in order to continue the successful production of high-quality elastomer products on an independent basis in future. In addition to the site in Hamburg-Harburg, a second production facility is built in Waltershausen (Thuringia).


A European future

CARLISLE® decides to buy PDT which fits in perfectly with its strategic European portfolio.


Finally united

As part of its European growth strategy, CARLISLE® Companies Inc. also buys HERTALAN® Rubber Products B.V.


More training, more progress

Expertise meets practical prowess: in 2015, the CARLISLE® Academy opens in Hamburg offering an extensive range of courses for installers, dealers, architects and planners.


A new look

The CCM Europe umbrella brand and the product brands RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, HARDCAST® and ECOLAN® bring their look closer together. The revised corporate design shows the company as a customer-focused partner with intelligent solutions for every sealing application.