CARLISLE® Construction Materials – Facts and Figures

With its four companies, CCM Europe is now a group that remains agile despite its complexity. We have put together a few interesting facts and figures here to give you an idea of what goes on.

Employees of CCM Europe

Increase in workforce since 2018



*As of 2020

CARLISLE® CM Europe locations

CCM Daten&Fakten- Legende - OrangeProduction facilities

CCM Daten&Fakten- Legende - CyanAdministration offices

Turnover and workforce at CARLISLE® in 2019

Carlisle Inc.

US$ 4,8 billion


Division CCM

US$ 3,2 billion


CCM Europe

€ 147 Million


Hottest place of use

Alexandria library
in Egypt

Coldest place of use

German research station, Antarctica