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Balconies are exposed to the elements, including rainfall and snow.

Waterproofing for balconies generally involves sealing and waterproofing correctly to avoid leakages impacting on residents in buildings below.

Waterproofing For Balconies

Waterproofing solutions for balconies

For expert waterproofing for balconies, we recommend HERTALAN® 's solutions for terraces and balconies. 

How to waterproof a balcony

Bituminous membranes are the most popular system used to waterproof under the substrate of balconies. These membranes are derived from the distillation of crude oil.  

How long does a balcony with Waterproofing Last?

A balcony should last for at least 10 to 25 years. But the longevity of a waterproofing system will depend on the thickness of the membrane, workmanship, usage and weather conditions that the balcony must withstand. 

The benefits of waterproofing a balcony

Waterproofing your balcony will help preserve the durability and status of your building, while also reducing maintenance and repair bills.

Balconies must withstand a significant amount of external elements, including extreme weather, foot traffic, organic growth and corrosive effects from pedestrian-transferred chemicals (including rock salt).

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