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Airtight Construction

Airtight construction is the construction of buildings without gaps or leaks that could allow cold air to enter or warm air to escape.

Airtight Construction

More About Airtight Construction

To achieve airtight construction, you need a continuous air barrier that is joined up to form a complete circuit.

Airtight construction can be formed from different materials and components and at Carlisle, we focus on facades, tapes and sealants.

In addition to these components, the most effective airtight construction must take into account any deliberate openings such as windows, doors or even skylights.

Benefits of Airtight Construction

Airtight construction needs a clear design and strategy to get right and once in place, it can have many benefits.

Increased energy efficiency 

By having airtight construction, you have control over keeping warm air in and cold air out. This means you won’t have to use as much energy heating your house as you’re able to hold the warm air in.

Compare this to older, less efficient buildings that will draw warm air out through cracks and holes in their structure where you will need to continually heat the air to keep it warm.

Reduced risk of condensation and moisture damage

Having cracks or gaps in your building's air barrier can lead to the ingress of cold air, which can be especially problematic in warmer rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The ingress of cold air can lead to condensation and moisture build up which, over time, can cause damage to the building. This can be even more of a problem if the condensation and moisture builds up in hidden areas, for example in between walls.

Using airtight construction can prevent any cold air entering the building structure and therefore prevent any damage caused by condensation and moisture. A definite benefit of using airtight construction.

Improved comfort

By preventing unwanted cold air into your building, you are able to keep the temperature of the air stable and prevent any draughts.

This may seem small at first but, if you were to compare newer buildings to much older ones, the difference is significant in terms of comfort from reduced air ingress and heat retention.

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