HARDCAST ®Hardcast® Products – Tape and Duct Sealants

With our HARDCAST® product line, we offer you a professional solution for virtually every sealing problem – from sealing window frames and protecting against corrosion in pipes to sealing cable connections. The intelligent sealing products not only allow buildings to be protected against water, but they also make them more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in, as well as making them air and vapour-tight.

With our HARDCAST® products, we produce and supply a full range of industrial adhesives, adhesive tapes or other sealing agents.
HARDCAST® products are available in various forms, as butyl, bitumen and textile adhesive tapes. All of our products are developed and manufactured exclusively in-house at CCM Europe. The emphasis is on flexibility throughout: to create tailor-made solutions, we adapt the width, length and thickness of our adhesive tapes to our customers’ individual requirements.

Product portfolio

More than 50 years’ experience in the adhesive and sealant industry makes us an internationally leading specialist in high-quality sealing tapes and sealants for the construction and installation industry.

HARDCAST® butyl tape

These self-adhesive sealing tapes with an adhesive butyl layer are available with various carrier materials: aluminium (multiple different colours), polyethylene, polyester, paper or non-woven multi-layer composite materials. The HARDCAST® butyl adhesive tapes, which can be adhesive on one or both sides, are extremely air and water-tight and boast excellent adhesion on application and superb durability.

HARDCAST® bitumen tape

These self-adhesive bitumen tapes familiar from DIY stores are excellent at blocking water and vapour. The aluminium carrier material is available in different colours and also comes with different backing or supporting materials if a high degree of tear resistance is required. HARDCAST® bitumen adhesive tapes stick to most carrier materials such as metal, stone, concrete and wood.

HARDCAST® material tape

HARDCAST® offers a range of material adhesive tapes, gaffer tapes and textile adhesive tapes in various quality grades, sizes and price categories. Extensive warehouse stocks allow rapid delivery.

HARDCAST® primers

With porous carrier materials, pre-treatment before the adhesive tape is applied may be required. The HARDCAST® primers are coordinated specially with our range of adhesive tapes and available in high or low viscosity form.

HARDCAST® butyl strips

The elastic roll-based sealing tapes are available in various sizes, widths and thicknesses. The butyl bonding strips are used to seal films, irregular openings or gaps and offer exceptional durability.

HARDCAST® sealants

The HARDCAST® range of sealants has been developed especially for the problematic sealing of air ducts. The water and solvent-based products for all types of applications are available in various packages – from cartridges to 25 kg containers.

HARDCAST® aluminium tape

The tapes with acrylic or rubber adhesives and aluminium coatings with thicknesses of between 25 µ and 100 µ are mainly used to seal insulation materials. They exhibit first-class adhesion when attached and are excellent at reflecting heat and light.

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Various areas of application

Air-conditioning technology

To ensure an effective and economical flow of air in a galvanised
air duct, the joints must be sealed with a durable sealant. This is where HARDCAST® products impress with their reliability: they are designed for high, constant or changing air pressures, can withstand large fluctuations in temperature and have a long service life.


In the industrial sector, adhesive tapes are used in a vast range of different applications. HARDCAST® products meet virtually every quality or approval criterion used in the relevant sector of industry. In addition to standard sizes and colours, tailor-made products can also be supplied.


In close collaboration with the automotive industry, CARLISLE® USA has developed sound-insulating adhesives in the form of the HARDCAST® product range. The products are often prescribed and satisfy virtually all ASTM standards.

Catalytic converters

For the production of catalytic converters, HARDCAST® supplies stable, self-adhesive bitumen and butyl rolls. Thanks to a flexible fleet of equipment, all possible winding configurations, individual or large packs can be supplied.


HARDCAST® bitumen tapes are suitable for repairing guttering and concrete joints, for junction panels on chimney drafts, flashing and water-tight seals under tiling work. They are optionally available with pre-perforated backing films in order to significantly reduce the amount of time required to apply them.

Oil transport and pipeline sector

In addition to aluminium butyl tapes for insulating pipes, HARDCAST® also has a range of other products for the oil industry: they include conventional primers, two and three-layer systems and simple tapes and priming tapes.


Although they are primarily used in the commercial sector, HARDCAST® adhesive and sealing tapes are designed for easy use and are therefore perfect for DIY enthusiasts too. Sealing and repair work can be carried out quickly, easily and professionally.