Alutrix® 600 and Alutrix® FR Vapour Barriers

ALUTRIX® 600 and ALUTRIX® FR are self-adhesive vapour barrier membranes designed for use in a wide range of construction applications. The membranes are suitable for use beneath mechanically fixed single-ply roofing membranes, self-adhesive membranes, felt, asphalt, liquid waterproofing systems, profiled metal sheeting and standing seam systems. ALUTRIX® is also ideal for internal projects subject to very high humidity such as breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens and bathrooms.

ALUTRIX® vapour barriers can be walked on and are puncture-resistant, with a high tensile strength, which makes them ideal for profile steel sheets.

These highly effective vapour barriers consist of a reinforced aluminium composite that’s self-adhesive on the reverse and protected by a detachable film. Because ALUTRIX® membranes are self-adhesive, they are incredibly quick and easy to install, and are compatible with most materials.

In addition to the vapour barrier function (sd value > 1,500), ALUTRIX® membranes also form an air-tight layer in line with Energy Saving Regulations.

Installation illustration

Material structure

Alutrix FR liegend

The Advantages of ALUTRIX® Vapour Barriers

  • Cold self-adhesive
  • Impervious to vapour
  • Can be walked on and are puncture-resistant
  • Form an air-tight layer
  • Resistant to a range of chemicals
  • ALUTRIX® 600 and ALUTRIX® FR can be bonded from just + 5°C
  • ALUTRIX® FR meets FM Standard Class No. 4470
  • ALUTRIX® 600 complies with the requirements for Class 0

ALUTRIX® also reduces fire load – ALUTRIX® FR has a thermal value of ≤ 10,500 kJ/m2 and a fuel value of ≤ 11,600 kJ/m2, so satisfies all of the requirements for low fire load / reduced fire load vapour barrier membranes according to to DIN 18234 and industrial building guidelines.


CARLISLE® product range: Installation Manual

ALUTRIX® Datasheet

ALUTRIX® Installation Instructions

ALUTRIX® Installation

ALUTRIX® Vapour Barrier Accessories

FG 35 surface primer

FG 35 surface primer can be used in combination with ALUTRIX® 600 and ALUTIRX® FR on a variety of substrates, including on bituminous materials, timber and timber materials. On plastic-coated substrates and where individual layers are laid loosely, there is no need to prime with FG 35.

FG 35 is a solvent containing primer based on synthetic rubber and resins.

Please refer to the product data sheet for more detailed information

G 500 cleaner

The G500 cleaner is suitable for degreasing metallic substrates and can be used for cleaning lightly soiled surfaces of ALUTRIX® vapour barrier membranes. It can also be used for cleaning tools.

Please refer to the product data sheet for more detailed information.