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RESITRIX® FG 35 Surface Primer

FG 35 surface primer is a solvent containing primer based on synthetic rubber and resins. It’s used in combination with self-adhesive RESITRIX® EPDM waterproofing membranes and ALUTRIX® vapour barrier membranes on a wide variety of substrates.

With a drying time of just 35 minutes, the FG 35 surface primer is still unbeaten especially with some test results showing times for alternative primers of almost 5 hours to dry and still not being as dry as the FG 35 surface primer.

Areas of application & installation of RESITRIX® FG 35

The substrate must be dry, clean and free from dust and grease. Stir the FG 35 surface primer well before use. The application temperature is between +5 °C and +35 °C. Do not dilute the primer. Apply FG 35 thinly and evenly on one side and, depending on the application area, either across the entire surface or in places using a sheepskin roller, a brush, a spray canister or a spray can. If using on metal, prior degreasing using G 500 cleaner is required. Remove any flaking paint and areas of corrosion. In the case of transitions to bitumen membranes, any grit present on the top surface must be carefully swept off and removed to the greatest possible extent. After the FG 35 solvents have evaporated, the self-adhesive membranes are applied into place. The evaporation time depends on the ambient temperature, the thickness applied, the type of application and the absorption of the substrate, and takes around 35 minutes.

APPLICATIONS For priming substrate surfaces for self-adhesive RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes on:

  • metallic substrates

  • bituminous materials

  • timber/timber materials

  • solid materials

  • plastics (except soft PVC)

  • Insulation boards (apart from unfaced EPS foam boards)

  • For priming substrate surfaces for ALUTRIX® 600 self-adhesive vapour-barrier membranes on bituminous materials, timber materials and solid materials.

  • If your application is not stated, please contact our Technical Department.

FG 35 Surface priming for convenient application and fast drying

Benefits of working with a spray canister or spray can

  • Very quick, clean and even application.

  • The substrate is evenly wet across the surface and dries much more quickly and evenly.

  • Consumption is significantly reduced.

  • The entire content of the spray is applied directly to the roof – so there is no loss by applying with a sheepskin roller where significant amounts of primer are left on the roller.

  • Even after interrupting work overnight, the spray canister can be re-used immediately without cleaning.

  • No additional heavy equipment such as compressors has to be transported onto the roof.

  • The accurately fitting CARLISLE® backpack additionally increases the working speed and makes work easier.

  • Application using a spray can is particularly recommended for small and hard-to-access areas whilst maintaining the benefits stated above regarding consumption and appearance.

Einfache Auftragung von FG 35

Technical Data

BASIS Synthetic rubber + resins,
contains solvents
CONSISTENCYLiquid applies easily
and can be sprayed
DENSITYApprox. 840 kg/m3
Approx. 300 g/m2 (for full-surface application)

RESITRIX® Accessories

With RESITRIX® accessories, all components are compatible with each other to make complex detailing simple and durable.

Cleaner G500
Cleaner G500
PU adhesive PU-LMF-02
PU adhesive PU-LMF-02
Resitrix® molded parts
Resitrix® molded parts

RESITRIX® FG 35 primer stockist

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