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Spray Adhesive HERTALAN® KS205

HERTALAN® KS205 pressurised canister spray system is ready to use contact adhesive. It can be sprayed directly without the need for a compressor or power supply when using the appropriate spray gun and hose.

This spray-applied contact adhesive has been developed for adhering HERTALAN®EPDM membranes on vertical or horizontal surfaces such as timber, bitumen, masonry and suitable faced rigid thermal insulation boards.

Properties and Installation

HERTALAN® KS205 is a contact adhesive that can be sprayed (applied to both sides) in a disposable pressurized canister or spray can for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces. A compressor and/or a power connection are not required. Before applying the HERTALAN® KS 205 adhesive, the substrates must be level, clean, dry and free of oil/grease. Caution: HERTALAN® KS205 is not suitable for use on cold-bonded seams.

  • Fast and convenient application

  • The sprayable variant for contact adhesive

  • Effective in some hard-to-reach areas

  • Fast and efficient in large areas

  • Available in pressurized containers (disposable) of 14.4 kg or aerosol cans of 750 ml

Technical Data

Properties Value
Type of productContact adhesive, solvent-based
Colour Yellow
Flashpoint < 0 °C
To blend with water No
Shelf life12 months, provided that the adhesive is kept in the original unopened can
Verbrauchmind. 250 g/m²
Packaging Spray can 750 ml / Pressure Canister 14.4 kg