Project Overview

The Newark Academy was the first of six schools in the Nottinghamshire Priority Schools Building Programme batch that we completed with Kier. The design includes novel features for a PSBP superblock which include the use of central courtyards to maximise daylight and enhance wayfinding around the deep plan building.

The main roof area was a concrete plank construction which formed part of the warm roof build up. The standard practice is to install a screed with flat board insulation or a cuts to falls insulation scheme, both of which can be expensive and add time to the installation. Due to budget restrictions Kier were looking to reduce cost without sacrificing the performance of the roof or compromising the overall building design. It is particularly challenging to omit screeds or cut to falls insulation with general waterproofing materials such as thermoplastic & bitumen because standing water, mosses and algae are detrimental to the performance of the waterproofing membrane and can result in product failure.


The Solution

The high level product knowledge from the CARLISLE® technical department meant that in partnership with the architects and structural engineers, we were able to design a solution that was cost effective and maintained the overall performance of the roof.

Instead of using the conventional method, the structural beam was used as a deck and the voids between each plank were filled to create a completed level surface. The material composition of RESITRIX® enables the membrane to be laid to minimal or zero falls on a roof. The method proved a masterstroke and thanks to the close working relationship with the contractors, the project was delivered on time and in budget.

Kier and the approved RESITRIX® roofing contractor worked closely with the concrete manufacturer to create a ‘mock up’ plank base. This ensured the materials delivered to site were manufactured to the required standard and tolerances for the project install. All parties also worked with the structural engineer and the architect to calculate the maximum elevation that the planks could be installed at with the purpose of creating a fall in the roof to a central gutter where the water could be collected and drain away of its own accord. ALUTRIX® 600 vapour barrier was installed prior the insulation and the waterproofing layer to provide a temporary watertight seal. This meant internal trades could continue uninterrupted and helped ensure Kier delivered the project on time.

This project perfectly demonstrates the value of supply chain partnerships – the roof was delivered with substantial cost savings and ahead of schedule. The omission of the screed and cut to falls insulation cut a large proportion of material cost and significantly reduced the installation time without compromising the performance of the roof.


Quick Facts

  • Client: EFA (Education Funding Agency)
  • Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects
  • Main Contractor: Kier


  • Vapour Barrier Layer ALUTRIX® 600
  • CCM Thermal Insulation-T
  • EPDM hybrid membranes RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond
  • Accessories FG35 Primer and CARLISLE Insulation Adhesive