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The impressive Manchester City Football Academy is situated immediately adjacent to the Etihad Stadium. The academy is a 40,000 square-foot building housing over 200 club employees and media facilities that include a 120-seat press conference auditorium with a glazed wall overlooking the stadium pitch. It also incorporates a 7,000 seat stadium which is home to the youth team and is designed to mirror the layout of the Etihad Stadium – it provides covered seating on four sides to ensure a “match-day” type experience for the players.

The Elite Training Facility also consists of changing facilities, a state-of-the-art gym, and physiotherapy and hydrotherapy rooms at the ground level. The second floor houses meeting rooms, administrative offices, and recreational space for the players. The third floor features a “hotel” with a room dedicated to each player for the duration of a season.

The Project

The entire roof construction was designed with single-ply by the architect. However, concerns were raised by both the main contractor (BAM) and the roofing contractor regarding the robustness of the material for some of the more challenging areas, particularly the green roof and paved viewing areas.

Faced with this dilemma the project team made contact with Carlisle for their technical expertise for this type of application. One of the proposed alternatives was a bitumen “hot melt” system.  The client had reservations about introducing any hot works or naked flames on-site during construction due to their stringent health & safety policy.

Carlisle proposed their RESITRIX® hybrid waterproofing system which is flame free and also solved several design issues such as structural loading restrictions and awkward upstand heights. Because RESITRIX® is such an adaptable membrane it solved several issues with complex interfaces between roof and facade.

Rafael Viñoly architects carried out a material comparison and Carlisle’s proposal was accepted. Our technical services department worked closely with the main contractor, roofing contractor, and architect to form specifications and details specific to the project.

RESITRIX® was used on areas totaling approximately 7000m2 to include the viewing terrace for the training pitches, hotel terraces, and gymnasium. These roofs incorporated a combination of finishes including ballasted, paved and intensive green sections to enhance the visitor experience.

RESITRIX® brought many enhanced product benefits such as long life-expectancy, environmental performance, slip resistant surface, and no hot works.


  • Project: Manchester City FC Training Grounds

  • Client: Manchester City FC

  • Architect: Rafael Viñoly

  • Main Contractor: Bam Construction

  • Roofing Contractor: FK Group

  • Project Size: 7000m²


  • Vapour Barrier Layer ALUTRIX® 600
    Client: Manchester City FC

  • EPDM hybrid membranes RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond

  • Accessories FG35 Primer