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Waterproofing for ponds is designed to protect your pond or water feature from damage or deterioration. 

Waterproofing for Ponds

Why Waterproof Your Pond?

A waterproofed pond or water feature ensures that it is well-maintained and free from leaks that can damage the surrounding areas and make it difficult to keep the water clean.

Waterproofing also ensures that the pond's ecosystem remains healthy and undisturbed, allowing aquatic plants and wildlife to thrive.

It’s essential that your pond is firstly built with a solid foundation, as there is no waterproofing product that will withstand a poorly constructed pond. 

EPDM Waterproofing for Ponds

EPDM waterproofing is ideal for lining your ponds because it is hard wearing, unaffected by UV rays and can withstand temperatures that are both high (+150*C and low (-40*C).

Materials for Waterproofing Your Pond

RESITRIX and HERTALAN have a range of EPDM that is ideal waterproofing for ponds. Find out more below.



Take a look at the EPDM range by RESITRIX that are ideal for waterproofing ponds.



HERTALAN also has a range of EPDM waterproofing membranes that are ideal for waterproofing ponds.

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