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Waterproofing for car parks is the application of a waterproof membrane (or waterproof layer) that essentially wraps the building to protect the underlying structure from being damaged by the elements.

Waterproofing for Car Parks

Solutions for waterproofing for car parks

Waterproofing for car parks saves property owners and facilities managers the cost of future maintenance costs.

Top Decks and Exposed areas

The main objective from a technical point of view for car park decking is to protect the reinforced concrete structure which also helps to avoid the ingress of water and corrosive de-icing salts. 

Crack-bridging properties are vital for accommodating the movement of the parking structure. Ramps, in particular, should have a hard-wearing surface to deal with traffic on the ramps and at the turning circles. 

Intermediate decks

The intermediate decks of a car park must be able to cope with the daily rigours of constant traffic therefore, they must have slip-resistant walking surfaces and abrasion resistant. 

Car park decking systems should also be designed to be light and bright to provide a safer and more secure environment for users.

Walkways and staircases

Walkways and staircases need to fulfil all technical requirements and be aesthetically pleasing. This gives a clean and slip-resistant surface and a more inviting look to the entrance of your car park.

Basement car parks

Waterproofing should be applied both within the car park structure as well as around the outside of the concrete structure to prevent ground water from passing through the concrete into the car park structure and causing leaks.

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