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Modular facades describe the exterior of a building or structure that has been split into separate sections.

Modular Facades

Types of Modular Facades

By using modular facades, they allow you to add multiple types of facade to a building structure depending on your requirements for that build.

Different types of modules are better for different properties. For example, some are better for weather resistance, whereas others are better used for their acoustic properties, and some are chosen purely for aesthetics.

Modular Facade Materials

There are many types of modular facades to choose from, each with varying benefits. Facade systems can be produced from; brickwork, stonework, precast concrete panels, metallic cladding, glass and steel systems, plus many more.

Benefits of Modular Facades

Modular facades can be constructed off site and therefore offer increased output as you are able to source multiple facades from different locations, allowing you to keep up with demand.

Offsite construction also allows complex elements to be added to building structures after being constructed in controlled environments, reducing the need for time consuming onsite labour for complex constructions.

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