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A commercial facade in a building is the interface between its external and internal environment. Although generally on the front of the building, commercial facades can look quite different depending on the location and type of business.

Commercial Facades

Different Types of Commercial Building Facades

There are various types of commercial facades with varying characteristics explained below.

Glass Facades

Glass commercial facades offer plenty of natural light and are often used for professional office buildings. This natural light can heat the building up, making it very hot, but the effects of this can be reduced by facade glazing and solar shading.

Masonry building facades

Masonry building facades are especially useful for restoring older buildings and creating a classic look of stone and brick. 

Although more costly than traditional brick and mortar, masonry building facades provide enhanced performance through moisture and temperature control. 

Metal Commercial Building Facades

Easy to work with and reasonably priced, metal commercial building facades come in lightweight aluminium, durable steel and metal composites. 

There are a range of metal facades, including weathering steel and panel frame facades which can all be adopted to give a different look.  

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ARBO® Façade Solutions have a portfolio of products including ARBO® EPDM systems, one and two-part structural silicone sealants, adhesives, security tapes, expanding strip products and adhesive membranes to make facade water and air-tight.

Why Are Commercial Facades Important?

Commercial facades give a building a sense of brand and aesthetics. They contribute to a city’s history and attract more customers to a retail building. Many facades are designed with environment in mind to shield buildings from rain and wind that could otherwise cause damage.

Case Studies

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