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Building Information Modelling or ‘BIM’ for short makes it possible to design buildings completely 3D. A digital design with which all relevant information is stored, used and managed by all construction parties throughout the construction process. Design, visualization, simulation and collaboration are made possible software-wise, which significantly reduces the chance of failure costs.

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 Revit® 3D models

In our libraries, you can download your Revit® 3D models for our RESITRIX® and HERTALAN® EPDM roofing membranes free of charge and without obligation. You can download all BIM objects here for a high-quality and durable roof. You can then apply it in your 3D drawing program for the most optimal end result of your design.

Based on the type of fixing method you are specifying for your roof, we have categorised our revit files for you. Choose the fixing method to download the correct files below.

Mechanically fixed

Loose laid with ballast

Adhered fixation

Green or sedum roof