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Whether it be a single-shelled flat roof, a living roof for walking on, a façade design or balcony renovation – as a roofer, your work involves a wide variety of different projects. Our products for long-term sealing are just as diverse: with RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, ECOLAN® and HARDCAST®, CCM Europe offers you a carefully thought-out system of EPDM solutions for every challenge – providing a modern alternative to conventional products. Ultimately, our products can be installed not only quickly and safely without any naked flames, but they are also extremely durable, so your work is still standing the test of time many decades later.

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What advantages does EPDM offer? How do I create internal and external corners with RESITRIX® or HERTALAN®? Even experienced roofing professionals sometimes need a little help – especially if they’re working with EPDM material for the first time. With our practice-inspired training programme at the CARLISLE® ACADEMY, our installation instructions and our how-to videos, you will find working with CCM Europe’s EPDM sealing products quick, safe and simple. We’ve put together a number of tips, hints, practical examples and installation instructions here to make your everyday work a little easier.

We offer a complete training program for roofers.
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