Resitrix® EPDM Roofing and Waterproofing Membranes

RESITRIX® is the award-winning roofing and waterproofing membrane that combines the material advantages of the synthetic rubber EPDM and high-quality, polymer-modified bitumen. The polymer bitumen underlayer means that this market-leading EPDM roofing membrane can be installed on virtually any substrate and welded easily, quickly and safely, with no naked flames.

The Süddeutsches Kunststoff Zentrum (SKZ), Germany’s largest plastics institute, certifies that RESITRIX® EPDM has a service life of over 50 years, both as a single product and for use in seams.

Flexible, durable and versatile, RESITRIX® is available in 1 metre wide rolls (smaller strips cut on request) and is suitable for all kinds of flat roofs, including green roofs.

Our RESITRIX® Product Range

Classic sealing membrane for substrate bonding using PU adhesive.

A proven solution for flat roofs for decades, RESITRIX® CL is the classic EPDM waterproofing membrane that can be welded using hot air. It should be bonded onto the substrate using PU adhesives.

The underside has a polymer-modified bitumen layer with additional fine-quartz sanding.

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EPDM sealing membrane designed especially for mechanical fixing

RESITRIX® MB is an EPDM sealing and waterproofing membrane that can be welded using hot air. It’s particularly suited for mechanical fixing and loose laid installation, and is FM approved (FM 4470).

The underside has a polymer-modified bitumen layer with detachable PE film.

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Full-surface, self-adhesive, root-resistant sealing membrane

Ideal for green roofs, RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond is a EPDM waterproofing membrane that is self-adhesive and root resistant across the full surface. It’s hot air weldable, FLL test certified and licenced under DIN EN 13948.

The underside consists of a self-adhesive, polymer modified bitumen layer, protected by a detachable film.

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Partially self-adhesive waterproofing EPDM membrane

RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond is the first partially self-adhesive, hot-air weldable EPDM waterproofing membrane. It can be used on materials that are susceptible to movement and substrates with residual moisture.

The underside has a self-adhesive, polymer-modified bitumen layer, protected by a detachable film.

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RESITRIX® accessories and applications

Every flat roof is different, so be prepared for any challenge with our comprehensive range of accessories, perfectly co-ordinated for use with our RESITRIX® EPDM rubber roofing membranes. From pipe sleeves to surface primers, here’s everything you need to install your RESITRIX® membranes quickly, safely and successfully.

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Download our RESITRIX® brochures and datasheets:


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RESITRIX® Product Catalogue

RESITRIX® Installation Instructions

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RESITRIX® CL Datasheet

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RESITRIX® Pipe Sleeve (5-35 mm) Datasheet

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RESITRIX® Detailing Components Datasheet

RESITRIX® Lightning Conductor Clip Datasheet

RESITRIX® G500 Cleaner Datasheet

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Detailed product information at resitrix.com

Easy to Install RESITRIX® EPDM Roofing

RESITRIX® EPDM roofing and waterproofing membranes are easy and safe to install. They can be welded together easily and safely with a hot-air gun, so there is no need for naked flames. This rules out the risk of roof fires. Installers can be make a visual check with the bitumen bleed to ensure consistent bonding making the roof permanently sealed and watertight.

The advantages of RESITRIX® at a glance

  • Certified service life of over 50 years – as an individual product including the seams (SKZ study)
  • Simple and safe installation without any naked flames
  • Hot air weldable down to -10°C
  • 100% leak-proof welding seam – simple visual inspection
  • Entire underside of the membrane can be welded
  • Permanently elastic without softeners
  • Flexible in cold weather down to -40°C
  • Elongation at tear of over 500%, virtually shrink-free
  • No shattering effect
  • No additional surface protection required: resistant to ozone, UV and infra-red radiation
  • Bitumen-tolerant
  • Slip resistant, even when wet
  • Sustainable (EPD-certified, DGNB-compliant)

RESITRIX® in use for your property



  • Preferably fixed mechanically
  • Independent of roof penetrations
  • High chemical resistance


  • Direct installation is possible on old roofs made from bitumen and a wide variety of plastics
  • Preferably self-adhesive installation


  • For extensive and intensive vegetative roof systems
  • FLL certificate available


  • Including garages and balconies
  • Preferably bonded / self-adhesive installation


  • For trafficable surfaces, components that contact the soil, sealing for interiors and tanks
  • Infiltration-proof, stable installation


  • Various installation options
  • Permanently good appearance
  • Can be laid on almost any substrate