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Ecolan EPDM pond liners are ideal for the permanent waterproofing of leisure areas in your garden due to their long service life and flexibility.


Ecolan EPDM Pond Liners

Our eco-friendly Ecolan pond liners allow you to create many new favourite spots to be created around your home from swimming pools and garden ponds, to water features and idyllic stream courses.

Whether it be a miniature biotope surrounded by reeds, or an alternative to a swimming pool, water is ideal for creating natural designs in the garden and Ecolan offers a way of bringing these designs to life.

Ecolan is A Natural Delight

Ecolan pond film is made from eco-friendly EPDM rubber. The material contains no toxic substances, heavy metals or aggressive softeners and is resistant to leaching.

These are all qualities that benefit more than just humans: since Ecolan does not release any toxins into the water, fish and plants can be placed in the freshly filled pond as soon as the EPDM membrane is laid.

Ecolan is Adaptable and Easy to Install

Thanks to the superb flexibility of the EPDM material, almost any type of garden pond can be created with ease.

The material is virtually indestructible and means that PVC pipes and wooden stakes can be laid with ease and present no risk to its waterproofing properties.

The Ecolan pond film is made from EPDM rubber and can also, on request, be supplied pre-assembled or shape-welded.

With a lifespan of more than 30 years, we guarantee that Ecolan EPDM pond film will bring you joy from your own pond for a long time to come.

The Complete Garden Pond Package with Ecolan

Ecolan pond films and liners are made from EPDM rubber and are the ideal base membrane for ponds and other bodies of water.

In addition to reliable films off the roll, the Ecolan range also includes:

  • Ecolan films – based on drawings or measurement-based 2D plans

  • Ecolan liners – based on drawings or measurement-based, shape-welded 3D plans

  • Ecolan bank reinforcement – plastic stakes and tapes for the best bank designs

  • Ecolan adhesive and sealing putties

  • Ecolan accessories

The Benefits of Ecolan EPDM Pond Film

  • Elastic and durable

  • Quick and easy to process

  • Naturally UV and ozone-resistant

  • Can be processed easily at all temperatures

  • Flexible in cold weather down to -45°C

  • Resistant to root penetration

  • Environmentally friendly and long-lasting

  • Predicted lifespan of over 30 years