In tune with the Band of Builders

CARLISLE Construction Materials recently supported one of the latest projects by Band of Builders. Chris’ Project was to help Chris Joy (40), a plasterer who was diagnosed in 2018 with Cerebellur Ataxia, a rare condition which only affects 10,000 people in the UK.

Band of Builders helped Chris and his family by carrying out various works including building a watertight shed to store his mobility scooter. This storage and overhauling of his driveway help him so he doesn’t need to rely on his family and can regain his independence.

To make the shed watertight HERTALAN Easy Cover pure EPDM membrane was used along with KS137 adhesive and roof trims, which were donated for this worthy project.

Ataxia affects Chris’s coordination and balance which means that he is unable to access his property unaided as the driveway and pathway are uneven.

HERTALAN Easy Cover offers custom made membranes for flat roofs and are quick and easy to install.

To learn more about Band of Builders and to donate to their projects you can visit

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