HERTALAN® RhinoBond® customer events announced

CARLISLE® CM Europe has just announced two customer events at Holiday Inn Brentwood and High Wycombe. The event, which we are co-hosting with OMG roofing, will showcase HERTALAN® RhinoBond® – the new induction fixing system. The events are taking place on:

  • Tuesday the 6th of March at Holiday Inn Brentwood. CM14 5NF. 9am – 11.30am
  • Wednesday the 7th of March

Each of these events will start at 9 am with breakfast presentation, product showcase and RhinoBond® live demo. CARLISLE® CM Europe’s technical team will be present with the promotional trailer to conduct the live demo. RhinoBond® system uses induction – compatible plates to secure the HERTALAN® EPDM-membranes and insulation to the roof construction without having to penetrate the roof membrane.The system is especially useful in cold and damp weather. To reserve a place at either of the events please email info.uk@ccm-europe.com or call 01623 627285

Event invite