BIM modelling for green roof systems

A green roof is a roof that is provided with a certain type of vegetation, such as grass, heather and succulents. Depending on the type of planting and use, there are different types of green roofs. In addition to an aesthetic value (natural appearance), a green roof also has a functional value. We distinguish between an intensive green roof and an extensive green roof.

For a roof construction with an extensive green roof, we recommend HERTALAN® EPDM roof covering. We recommend RESITRIX® EPDM roof covering for an intensive green roof.


RESITRIX® is the only flat roof membrane manufactured using a unique combination of high-quality polymer-modified bitumen and synthetic rubber EPDM. A successful and advantageous combination because thanks to the polymer bitumen layer on the underside, the material can be used over almost any surface. The re-inforced EPDM core ensures a long life expectancy of more than 50 years (SKZ study).

Download the RESITRIX® BIM .rvt files for an intensive green roof system below.

Intensive green roof – RESITRIX® SKW .rvt file (version 2021)
    RESITRIX BIM Bibliotheek

    HERTALAN® EPDM Membranes

    HERTALAN® EPDM systems offer many advantages over traditional flat roofing systems. EPDM is the synthetic variant of a natural rubber type and therefore has unique product properties. This makes EPDM ideally suited for sealing flat and slightly sloping roofs.

    ✓ Proven life expectancy of more than 50 years
    ✓ Suitable for many different types of roof structures
    ✓ Environmentally friendly product

    Download the HERTALAN® BIM .rvt files for an extensive green roof system below.

    Extensive green roof – HERTALAN® Easy Cover .rvt file (version 2021)
    HERTALAN BIM Bibliotheek