Ever wondered how far 6.2 million steps can take you? 

At the beginning of February, 24 colleagues from across CARLISLE CM Ltd and Adshead Ratcliffe Ltd voluntarily got together with the aim to ‘walk’ equivalent number of distance to our 5 European’ offices and factories in Holland, Germany and Romania. To cover the distance for a round trip an estimated six million steps were required.

Ginny Brown, the organiser who recorded all the steps meticulously and updated the team on weekly basis, concluded “I have received some great feedback from colleagues I have got to know a lot better during this challenge and it seems we have all enjoyed the focus and sense of purpose when going out for another walk! Staying safe during lockdown was of course achieved as this activity could be completed alone or with family members.”

The challenge concluded on 28th February.

Upon completion, the total steps were 6,209,214 covering a whopping 3105 miles!  


CARLISLE has six production units that manufacture RESITRIX, HERTALAN, ARBO, HARDCAST and ALUTRIX across UK and Europe.