Zukunftshaus, Bottrop, DE

To convert the 1960s-built construction into a positive energy building, the 180 m2 flat roof needed to be completely re-insulated and sealed and then equipped with an elevated photovoltaics system. Given the many roof penetrations, the self-adhesive EPDM membrane RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond was chosen to seal the flat roof, since it can be welded together across its full surface at any point. The best and most cost-effective solution for this property.

Construction panel

  • Property: Zukunftshaus, Bottrop
  • Building contractor: Oliver Helmke GmbH, Bottrop
  • Planning and design: Architect Anna Vering, Oliver Helmke GmbH
  • Operation: Marcus Krämer Konzept-Metall-Bedachungs GmbH, Bottrop
  • Material: RESITRIX SK Partial Bond

Picture copyright holder: Covestro