Sainsbury’s, Balham


The local Sainsbury’s at Balham, London is a busy store and was in dire need of roof refurbishment due to existing failing felt roofs.

The roof contains a considerable amount of the buildings plant equipment. RESITRIX SKW was the ideal solution due to its flexibility and durability around complex roof penetrations considering the maintenance traffic accessing the roof. The 720m² refurbished roof features CCM Safety System WALKWAY to demarcation a safe maintenance route.


The Project

The store had a felt roof which after failing caused leaks to the building’s interiors. RESITRIX SKW hybrid EPDM membranes are compatible with felt and asphalt and were used as a direct overlay solution which was applied over several different roof areas. The refurbishments were carried out on a tight schedule of five weeks. The self-adhered and efficient application of the RESITRIX membrane contributing to achieving this. The works were completed on time despite battling against the elements, which included a very wet period, wind and a sand storm across the capital.

The roof also installed 100m2 of WALKWAY membranes. WALKWAY is a non-slip, EPDM-based safety covering, complete with additional reinforcement which prevents ruptures and helps with all stability. There is a self-adhesive butyl layer incorporating a release film on the underside. WALKWAY is used to clearly demarcate the routes for maintenance access. The slip-resistant surface is a vital element of the product and encourages the safety of walking on the roof. Additionally, it provides an enhanced grip, even on sloped roof areas and in wet weather.


Quick Facts

  • Project: Sainsburys, Balham (London)
  • Roofing Contractor: Robertson Roofing
  • Total roof area: 720m2


  • Waterproofing membrane: RESITRIX felt overlay over several roofs and WALKWAY
  • Application:  Refurbishment