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Park Avenue Place at Neptune Wharf is a residential riverside development by Galliard Homes, which brings sustainable, luxury living to East London. The project is a showpiece element of a wider regeneration programme for the area, creating a vibrant and dynamic community with more than 176 luxury apartments, featuring green roofs and a landscaped central communal courtyard. To ensure a low-maintenance solution for both the roofs and the podium deck, the ARBOFLEX®PU cold-applied liquid waterproofing system was selected. It is a high-performance, root-resistant solution.


The Project

Neptune Wharf is much more than blocks of apartments; it is a carefully planned community, combining luxury living and sustainability with shared green spaces. The combination of an advanced waterproofing system, green roofs, solar PV, and extensive landscaping underscores the project’s commitment to creating a modern and environmentally conscious living environment in Deptford, East London.


The ARBOFLEX® PU liquid-applied waterproofing system from CARLISLE was chosen for each apartment block's roof and terraces, offering ease of installation for a large-scale project and proven root resistance.


The roof build-up for each building comprised of ALUTRIX® vapour control layer tapered fire-retardant rockwool Multifix insulation and the ARBOFLEX® liquid carrier membrane before application of the ARBOFLEX® PU liquid-applied waterproofing. The ARBOFLEX® PU system specified the UV-resistant top coat, providing a warrantied 20-year waterproofing system. ARBOFLEX®PU Thickener was added to the liquid-applied waterproofing system for the upstands and parapet walls, enabling excellent adhesion to the vertical surfaces.


ARBOFLEX® PU liquid was also used to waterproof the large podium deck in the central courtyard, which features hard and soft landscaping elements. The ARBOFLEX® PU system provides the durability and long-term, maintenance-free performance required for a buried application of this kind. The courtyard’s large planters, which form part of the landscaping design, were also lined using ARBOFLEX® PU, contributing to the overall longevity and quality of the development.

The project has green roofs on every building and a landscaped podium deck courtyard. The project also emphasizes sustainability, incorporating self-ballasted solar panels on each roof to contribute to eco-friendly living. The landscaping of the communal courtyard is an integral part of the development, featuring both hard and soft landscaping elements. Large planters, which form part of the landscaping design, have been lined with the Arboflex PU waterproofing system. This meticulous attention ensures that these details contribute to the overall longevity and quality of the development. Connecting the built environment to the natural surroundings was a key design intent for the Park Avenue Place project.

Green Roof

The green roof build-up consisted of a protection layer, drainage board, fleece layer, biodiverse planting substrate, cobbled borders, and an aluminium trim.

 QA procedure

Following completion of each roof area, the T&T roofing team used leak detection technology, which shoots electrical current into the roof build-up, triggering an alarm if any water ingress is detected. Arboflex waterproofing roofing membranes can be tested for pinholes and porosity in this way by using a high-voltage holiday detector. For the test to be effective, the Arboflex membrane carries a conductive backing in the form of a foil-faced carrier membrane & VCL. Any fault can be accurately located by passing a high voltage current across the surface using a brush or roller electrode. This provided an extra assurance of the integrity of the completed waterproofing in each location before the installation of the green roof build-up, an added value quality assurance step for a buried application such as this.