Hazelwood Farmhouse, Dumfriesshire, GB

Deep black rubber and derelict masonry, traditional building methods and innovative sealing technology – there could scarcely be a more stark set of contrasts. The old Hazelwood Farmhouse was no more than a ruin when owner Lily Jencks decided to build a new home within its stone walls. To begin with, the shell of the building was created in a wooden frame construction, then steel girders were added and the building was sealed with OSB plates. To ensure that the façade and pitched roof were able to withstand the rigours of the Scottish weather, they were then covered with HERTALAN® EASY COVER membranes.


  • Property: Roof and façade restoration on a ruined farmhouse in Scotland
  • Building contractor: Designer Lily Jencks
  • Team of architects: Nathanael Dorent, Nathanael Dorent Architecture, Paris, France
  • Michael Leybourne, Savills Dumfries, Dumfries, Great Britain
  • Operation: Genesis Construction, Lancaster, Great Britain
  • Material: HERTALAN® Easy Cover EPDM membranes