Floating Homes, Hamburg, D

Modern floating homes, an alternative living option Rather than the romantic idyll of a ship, the emphasis here is on exclusive design and contemporary building materials. On this elliptical house boat, RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond was bonded to the wooden shell and the sheet roof was then fitted from the outside. The pontoon was also sealed with RESITRIX®. In the base area, the RESITRIX EPDM sealing membrane was pulled up to 30 cm over the top edge of the concrete plate to protect the boat against wave impacts too.

Construction panel

  • Property: New build of house boat on the central canal in Hamburg
  • Building contractor: Daniel Wickersheim
  • Architect: Daniel Wickersheim, Hamburg, Germany
  • Statics (wooden construction): Gladigau & Schmahlfeldt
  • Roofer: KOOPERATIVE DACHEDECKER GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany
  • Carpenter: ZIMMERLEUTE – KOLLEKTIV GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
  • Material: RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond