Refurbishment of the Energie-Forum-Innovation roof in Bad Oeynhausen (DE)

After around 20 years, the architectural highlight had become outdated. The building designed by Frank O. Gehry and its striking roof landscape had to be repaired. During the refurbishment process, the bitumen vapour barriers were first of all replaced by ALUTRIX® 600 vapour barrier membranes. Now, RESITRIX® CL roof membranes protect the ambitiously curved roof surfaces from the East Westphalian elements.

Unlike pure bitumen products that have to be replaced around three times during a building lifetime of roughly 80 years, EPDM waterproofing systems have a certified life expectancy of more than 50 years.


  • Property: Energie – Forum – Innovation, Bad Oeynhausen, DE
  • Building contractor & architect: Archimedes Facility-Management GmbH
  • Operation: Kottmeier Bedachungen, Vlotho-Uffeln
  • Material: RESITRIX® CL und ALUTRIX® 600