Eden Servicing, Somercotes


Eden Tyre and Servicing in Somercotes were in desperate need of a roof renovation as a result of numerous roof leaks and to cover the asbestos that had been exposed. They have suffered from roof leaks over a number of years and therefore to prevent this from continuing the best solution was our liquid waterproofing. This overlay over asbestos gave not only protection but also a full coverage over a complex substrate.

The Project

Our ARBOFLEX PU was chosen specifically for detailing the congregated sheets due to its versatile capability with multiple substrates. Our ARBOFLEX PU THICKENER was used to prevent sagging while drying and it is particularly useful for sloped surfaces as it provides thixotropic properties. The movement in the Matting also reinforces the waterproofing detail work at critical points. The project was completed and Carlisle CM have now provided them with a leak proof roof. One of the employees from the Tyre company explained that ‘it’s fully leak free and I have been there for 21 years and have never known it to be completely leak free, I’d say that is a great result’.