CARLISLE® Uncorks New Opportunities for the Future in the Heart of Derbyshire

On Tuesday, 11th April 2017, the entire staff at the manufacturer Adshead Ratcliffe in Belper, Derbyshire, were in for a very pleasant surprise. There was a lot of positivity in the air and with the help of glorious spring sunshine it was a perfect day to have a visit from Gregor Ellegast, CEO of CARLISLE® Construction Materials (CM) Europe, and the entire European management team.

Recently, the US group CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated acquired Adshead Ratcliffe, a subsidiary of ARBO Holdings Limited. The product range complements the European group’s portfolio very well in view of the planned growth strategy, especially to strengthen its sealing solutions range.

On this occasion, Julian Miller, Finance Director of Adshead Ratcliffe, introduced Gregor Ellegast to everyone at the company.

Gregor Ellegast shared the company structure, its culture and vision for the future and how the customers will benefit from an expanded product range. He also presented the expansion plans in the UK and Germany and the investment that the company has made recently and will be making in the next few years.

In his presentation Gregor Ellegast shared his experience of when CARLISLE® Companies Inc. acquired his company back in 2011 and CARLISLE® CM Europe was launched, with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

Gregor Ellegast stated “people are the most important asset of our company. We will continue to invest in our people and our culture to achieve the growth that is planned for the UK”. He further added “Brexit will not stop the company investing in the UK and the country remains a core market for all our EPDM and sealing solutions”.

Duncan Kirkwood, Managing Director of CARLISLE® CM Ltd., introduced the European operational board to the Adshead staff. Most members of the board were visiting the ARBO manufacturing site for the very first time and were excited to learn about the opportunities that ARBO products offer to the customers.

The presentation was followed by cake cutting and the morning ended with everyone receiving a goody bag and a bottle of champagne to raise a toast to the future with their family and friends and to look forward to shaping the CARLISLE® experience together.

About CARLISLE® CM Europe

The CARLISLE® CM Europe group is Europe’s leading provider for single-ply EPDM sealing products for roof, façade and ground construction. It was established in 2012 by the merger of the European EPDM manufacturers PHOENIX Dichtungstechnik GmbH, Hertalan B.V. and Hardcast B.V. Parent company is the division Construction Materials of the diversified US company CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated. CARLISLE® CM Europe employs around 425 staff at eight production and three administration sites in Europe. In 2016, the group achieved annual Gross Sales of 106 million Euros. Core markets are Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and UK. CARLISLE® CM Europe is characterized by a smart product range, professional advice and training as well as reliable service. The umbrella brand CARLISLE® CM Europe unites the trusted brands RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, HARDCAST®, ECOLAN® and ARBO®.