CARLISLE® supports the german wild animal foundation’s rescue campaign for sparrows

The sparrows already whistle it from the rooftops: Meanwhile, especially in urban areas, the little everyday bird has become so endangered in its existence, that he has already been put on the early warning list of the Red List of threatened breeding birds in Germany. In many regions, the sparrow populations have declined by 25 to 50 percent in the last 25 years!

There are two main reasons: One is the lack of species-appropriate nesting places for sparrows caused by refurbishment of old buildings and modern, smooth façades where the sparrows cannot find their preferred niches and crevices. In addition, he finds less protein-rich insect food for the young birds, as the ongoing urbanization diminishes green areas. Every day approximately 74 hectares of green areas disappear in Germany. This corresponds to the size of 106 football fields.

These alarming figures have induced the German Wild Animal Foundation, which gives a voice to wild animals, to start the rescue campaign for sparrows.

As part of this campaign, specifically developed sparrow townhouses are used as nesting places. The houses are donated to elementary schools and nurseries and are attached at their premises. Once the first sparrow families have moved in, the children can experience and accompany their own sparrow rescue project. As decision-makers of tomorrow, they already learn at an early stage to be inspired of the beauty and uniqueness of the local nature and to take responsibility for their preservation.

As a manufacturer of sustainable sealing systems which are also required for green roofs we did not hesitate a minute to support the German Wild Animal Foundation in this project. The CARLISLE® Construction Materials GmbH in Hamburg sponsored the sparrows rescue campaign in Hanover. To all Hanover elementary schools and nurseries 360 sparrow townhouses were donated, each house offering space for two bird families. Thus at least 720 sparrow couples and their young get the chance of a new home. Aditionally, the roofs of the sparrow townhouses were covered with a sustainable RESITRIX® membrane which ensures permanent protection against climatic influences. Thus, the houses will last a multiple of a bird’s life.

Hanover’s Mayor Stefan Schostok could be won as prominent patron of the campaign. Together with the Managing Director of the German Wild Animal Foundation, Hilmar Baron von Münchhausen and Gregor Ellegast, CEO of CARLISLE® Construction Materials GmbH, he handed over the first nesting place to the pupils of the Albert Schweitzer School in Hanover on June 2, 2014. Not only the pupils were inspired by this event. Stefan Schostok said: “Nature conservation can be so easy – a great idea I am happy to support”. Hilmar Baron von Münchhausen said: “With CARLISLE®, we have gained a sponsor for our sparrows rescue campaign who perfectly fits with the company’s sustainable products and its motto “We protect values!”

Gregor Ellegast underlined this: “As a father, I especially care about the protection and preservation of our nature for our children. And as a manufacturer of sustainable roofing membranes, which are also suitable for green roofs, we are glad to support the German Wild Animal Foundation in their projects. Green roofs provide concrete help in creating new habitats. Maybe this is can be our next project here at the school.”