CARLISLE Construction Materials (CCM) and Delomac Roofing celebrated winning the SPRA award in the Best Sustainability category. The award was won for the Earth Trust project with a curved structured green roof, made watertight by RESITRIX hybrid EPDM membranes.

RESITRIX SKW hybrid EPDM membrane was specifically chosen for the roof waterproofing due to the material’s high environmental credentials, making it the obvious project choice. The high flexibility of the RESITRIX membrane made it ideally suited to waterproof the curved structure of the roof. Due to the nature of the client’s minimal environmental impact design criteria, FG40 solvent-free primer was used to prime the deck to accept the EPDM membrane.

Additionally, RESITRIX SKW is 100% root retardant, this meant that it was ideal for use under the biodiverse green roof, as a result, a separate root-resistant cap sheet layer was not required. CCM provided the complete roof system specification proposal from the deck above the glulam structure to the green roof detail.

Earth Trust is an environmental learning charity which celebrates accessible green spaces for all. They care for diverse green spaces of different sizes; smaller wildlife havens and iconic landscapes including over 1,200 acres of farmland, wetland, woodland and five community reserves.

Earth Lab is new skills and learning eco-building at the heart of the Earth Trust, oozing its ethos and values and sitting sensitively in its environment. Earth Lab sits at the foot of the Wittenham Clumps, one of Oxfordshire’s most visited green spaces and a significant wildlife and conservation area and the aim was for Earth Lab to create connections to this unique place. The wildflower roof is an example of those connections, a curved wildflower meadow roof resonating with the wildflower meadow around the Clumps.

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