Further training with the CARLISLE® ACADEMY

Our in-depth expertise and practical experience have made us Europe’s leading manufacturer of EPDM seals. We want to share this knowledge with you through our CARLISLE® ACADEMY training courses. By professionals for professionals. In accordance with our motto: Knowledge is a sustainable material. The more you share it, the more you get back.

Why do trained professionals still need training courses anyway? It’s quite simple: Only someone who can use the material confidently and who knows which regulations and standards need observing can get the best from the product – and complete projects professionally and therefore successfully.

Further information about our training courses and the ACADEMY can be found on our CARLISLE® ACADEMY website

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Training content

At the CARLISLE® ACADEMY, you will experience the proven advantages of EPDM waterproofing solutions relating to roofs, façades and buildings in an up-close and hands-on manner. Our course leaders will also share valuable tips with you on how to make your day-to-day business even more successful. The benefits for you: You improve the standard of quality you deliver and therefore increase customer satisfaction – and this pays off.

Have a look at our training courses

Das Schulungsangebot

Das Schulungsangebot der CARLISLE® ACADEMY umfasst verschiedene Kurse, deren Inhalte optimal aufeinander abgestimmt sind: Die Basis-Schulungen geben Ihnen einen Überblick über unsere Produkte und deren Verarbeitung. In den Aufbaukursen vertiefen Sie Ihr Wissen mit detaillierten Produkt- und Fachinformationen sowie vielen praktischen Übungen. Hierbei können Sie unsere Produktlinien RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, HARDCAST® und ECOLAN® auf Herz und Nieren prüfen. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Ihnen auch hersteller- und branchenübergreifende Individualkurse, Händlerqualifizierungen oder Weiterbildungsangebote aus der Industrie.

Zum Schulungsangebot der CARLISLE® ACADEMY

On-site training

Our training courses are held at the CARLISLE® ACADEMY in Mansfield, Nottingham


CARLISLE® ACADEMY Broschüre zum Downloaden