Creative construction with EPDM – our references

Whether it be an elegant façade in black, a lush living roof or station roofing – EPDM supports an incredible variety of potential applications.

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Eco Friendly Roofing & Sealing Options

Architects nowadays are constantly working in the dynamic space between vision and feasibility. On the one hand is the artistic design – and on the other, very real economic necessities and legal specifications await. CCM Europe acts as a strong partner to support you from the concept to the implementation with water-tight solutions. And with RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX®, ECOLAN® and HARDCAST®, it offers you innovative, resilient products that allow creative freedom and planning certainty to be combined with the greatest of ease.


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Creatively planned, safely built.

A sealing system needs to withstand quite a lot. All types of weather conditions, thermal and mechanical influences lead to considerable material movements and cause conventional systems to age rapidly.

This is where EPDM shows its superiority: the synthetic ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber exhibits excellent material properties thanks to its molecular cross-linked structure and combines flexibility and a proven service life of decades.

The Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ), the EU-accredited waterproofing membrane testing institute, has forecast a service life of over 50 years for our EPDM products RESITRIX® and HERTALAN® in a long-term study.

Based on its long service life, EPDM has an excellent eco balance sheet and can also be recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Build. We’ll take care of the details.

Construction projects are extremely complex: dealing with every trade down to the tiniest detail is often not possible. Our team of technical experts will assist you with these details - ensuring you are able to truly make the most of the potential that the versatile material EPDM has to offer. Get in touch with our technical team

Sustainable building, protecting resources

We use EPDM because, with its long service life, it is more suitable than almost any other material for sustainable construction. Our RESITRIX and HERTALAN products are certified with an EPD. We are also an active member of the DGNB.

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Support across all phases of the project

At CCM Europe, we see ourselves more as a solutions provider than as a manufacturer. In addition to award-winning EPDM products, we therefore offer an extensive, personal customer service that supports you from the very beginning with the successful implementation of your project. We want you to be able to truly make the most of the potential that the versatile material EPDM has to offer. Our team of architect consultants, our technical advisers and our engineers will support you with advice and practical assistance – from the creation of the specifications to the final walk-through of the construction site. We are even there for you after your project is completed!

Our services for architects

  • Professional support across all phases of the HOAI
  • Roof inspections
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Creation of restoration concepts (flat roof check)
  • Wind suction calculations
  • Drainage calculations (including emergency drainage)
  • HTC calculation
  • Seminars for architects and planners
  • Practical construction site training for installers
  • Training for installers in theory and practice

CARLISLE® Academy: Spotlight on further training

Creativity and architectural visions need stable foundations. With our training courses designed especially for architects and planners, we are helping to build them. At the CARLISLE® Academy, professionals learn from professionals.


Produktkataloge, Planungsrichtlinien, Verlegeanleitungen und Broschüren

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Speziell für Architekten

Kreativ bauen mit EPDM – Wasserdichte Lösungen für Architekten, Planer und Visionäre