BIM modelling for adhered roof systems

With an adhered roof system, the EPDM roof covering is fixed to the substrate using an adhesive or primer. Depending on a calculation of the wind load, a choice can be made between partial or complete adhesion.


Our RESITRIX® and HERTALAN® EPDM waterproofing membranes are both suitable for use as part of an adhered flat roofing system.


RESITRIX® is the only flat roof membrane manufactured using a unique combination of high-quality polymer-modified bitumen and synthetic rubber EPDM. A successful and advantageous combination because thanks to the polymer bitumen layer on the underside, the material can be used over almost any surface. The re-inforced EPDM core ensures a long life expectancy of more than 50 years (SKZ study).


Download the RESITRIX® BIM .rvt files for an adhered roof system below.

Fully adhered – RESITRIX® SKW .rvt file (version 2021)Partial adhered – RESITRIX® SK P .rvt file (version 2021)
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    HERTALAN® EPDM Membranes

    HERTALAN® EPDM systems offer many advantages over traditional flat roofing systems. EPDM is the synthetic variant of a natural rubber type and therefore has unique product properties. This makes EPDM ideally suited for sealing flat and slightly sloping roofs.

    Proven life expectancy of more than 50 years
    ✓ Suitable for many different types of roof structures
    Environmentally friendly product

    Download your HERTALAN® BIM .rvt files for adhered roof systems below.

    Fully adhered – HERTALAN® Easy Cover .rvt file (version 2021)Partial adhered – HERTALAN® Easy Cover .rvt file (version 2021)
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